Meet Eleven Dollar Bills, a volcanic, Rock n Roll band that sets stages on fire all over the national music scene. The Bills are fearlessly led by the street-smart lion-hearted Jordan Casty. Casty was born and raised in the concrete jungle of Chicago and his influence came straight up through the cracks in the streets. After playing and singing bluesy Rock n Roll through his high school years, he ventured off to Boston to study guitar, vocals, and songwriting at Berklee College of Music.

While in attendance at Berklee, Casty fell in love with the lyrical stylings of Bob Dylan and put together a blues rock outfit with the name Eleven Dollar Bills as an homage to one of Dylan's lyrics. Upon graduating, The Bills set out on a tour of the United States they dubbed The Heroes' Journey. They hit iconic stages in Los Angeles and New York. They played dives in Texas and college campuses in Indiana. New Orleans parties nearly killed them but they made it back to Chicago and hunkered down there for a legendary moment where they were heard on NPR’s “Here & Now” and Local Loop Chicago called them “ rising stars of the music scene.” Though there was nothing that could stop them from the call of Los Angeles...

The Bills drove the 2,000 miles to their new home and quickly got to work playing venues from The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip to Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.  

Along their journey, they caught the attention of platinum-selling producer Jim Huff and decided to dig in on some music with him. 6 months of studio life later, they had a brand new EP full of killer sonic experiences to unleash on the ears of the world. Keep your eyes peeled for their explosive live events coming to a venue near you and rock out with Eleven Dollar Bills!

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"Everything about Waves has you floating in true audio-bliss with a massively uplifting sound that purely can’t be denied." - Sleeping Bag Studios


"They put on an incredible live show!" - Zeekster Music


"The track is upbeat, catchy and a sure fire summer hit." - Music Notez


"Waves is riding the tide with their infectious sound, multi-ranged vocals with perfected vibratos, and a mainstream sensibility that’s bound to draw you in from first listen." - Artist Reach Official



KSES-FM - Seaside, CA

WEMC - Harrisonburg, VA

KTDT-LP - Tucson, AZ

KPOI-FM - Honolulu, HI

KTHX-FM - Reno, NV

KJHK - Lawrence, KS

WMFO - Medford, MA

KWHL - Anchorage, AK

WKUF-LP - Flint, MI

WFNM - Lancaster, PA